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Bailey Cable Tv

Bailey Cable your one-stop Cable TV and Internet service provider. We’re the only one you’ll ever need for Cable TV and High Speed Internet. To help simplify your life, our services come all for one monthly charge, from one company, under one monthly bill. It’s reassuring to know Bailey Cable TV is a local service provider. Our employees are your friends and neighbors. We live and work here, pay local taxes and support other local businesses. Day after day, we take great pride in making your community a better place to live for everyone.

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We can be reached in a variety of ways. We do our best to reply to e-mail, faxes, phone calls and regular mail as soon as we can. We also appreciate feedback that helps us offer you better services. Please feel free to send us your thoughts!

  • Customer Service:
    Bassfield, MS 601-849-4201
    Centreville, MS 601-437-8300
    Clinton, LA 601-437-8300
    Crystal Springs, MS 601-849-4201
    Gloster, MS 601-437-8300
    Hazlehurst, MS 601-849-4201
    Hinds Co., MS 601-849-4201
    Jackson, LA 601-437-8300
    Liberty, MS 601-437-8300
    Magee, MS 601-849-4201
    Mendenhall, MS 601-849-4201
    Mt. Olive, MS 601-849-4201
    Norwood 601-437-8300
    Port Gibson, MS 601-437-8300
    Saint Francisville, LA 601-437-8300
    Taylorsville, MS 601-849-4201
    Wilson, LA 601-437-8300
    Woodville, Ms 601-437-8300